Featured Product: KD2400F Cutler Hammer Circuit Breaker

KD2400F Cutler Hammer circuit breaker

KD2400F Cutler Hammer circuit breaker (courtesy of LiveWire)

Today’s featured product is an KD2400F circuit breaker from Cutler Hammer.  This is a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker frame only.  It is 2-pole and 600V AC or 35 kAIC @ 480V AC.  This breaker is a frame only (hence the F at the end of the part number).  All K-frame breakers are HACR rated.

List price is $1,860.00.  LiveWire is selling it for $777.20 new surplus, or $504.00 certified green.


Featured Item: FD62B125 Siemens Circuit Breaker

FD62B125 Siemens Circuit Breaker from LiveWire

FD62B125 from Siemens (courtesy of LiveWire)

Today we’re showcasing an FD62B125 circuit breaker from Siemens.  This is a Sentron series frame, molded case breaker.  It is 2-pole, 600V AC or 250 V DC, and is rated 125 amps continuous current @40C.  The breaker includes frame, trip, and both line and load lugs (TA1FD350A).  You can get different lugs for it, but they’re sold separately.

List price is $1479.60.  LiveWire is selling it for $599.95 new surplus, or $482.00 certified green.

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