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Featured Item: FD62B125 Siemens Circuit Breaker

FD62B125 Siemens Circuit Breaker from LiveWire

FD62B125 from Siemens (courtesy of LiveWire)

Today we’re showcasing an FD62B125 circuit breaker from Siemens.  This is a Sentron series frame, molded case breaker.  It is 2-pole, 600V AC or 250 V DC, and is rated 125 amps continuous current @40C.  The breaker includes frame, trip, and both line and load lugs (TA1FD350A).  You can get different lugs for it, but they’re sold separately.

List price is $1479.60.  LiveWire is selling it for $599.95 new surplus, or $482.00 certified green.